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Aloha, let's join together and help the residents of Maui


As a former resident of Lahaina, Hawaii, the tragedy of the Lahaina wildfires is close to my heart.  The difficulty residents face in rebuilding their lives, home, and town is tremendous.  I want to give back in any way I can.  This page will be dedicated to confirmed accounts I have gathered from those I know who live on Maui. I am also adding my Maui gallery link below. Full of beautiful images from my time on Maui. Proceeds will be given back to those in need.  I will also donate 10% of any Destination or Local Tenessee wedding photography proceeds booked for the rest of 2023.  



Individual Residents

Large Orgainizations

Big Brothers and Sisters Maui

What Makes You feel beautiful

Maui Food Bank

Maui Humane Society

Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement


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