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A love for creating

I have been an admirer of great love stories for as long as I can remember, afternoons spent with Jane Austin will do that.  It is the true purposeful love, so eloquently described in great literature that inspires me to bring those emotions and energy into a visual story collection.


Wanderlust came in my late teens, after my first trip to Europe opened my eyes to the vastness of the beauty and experiences waiting to be discovered.  Wedding Photography is the great meld of my passions, the visual representation of a great love story and the opportunity to explore the beauty of a new couple, a new venue, a new city to see the world through their eyes is a gift for which I am thankful.

All About Me
How did I get here?  During my childhood, my father was and still is, photographing anytime he could.
So, when 
I received my first camera at 6, it had a mini mouse on it, and I was ecstatic.  I loved that thing!  Through the years, my equipment has upgraded, but my love of creating has only grown, and an admiration for the classical art of using light to evoke emotion and create dynamic images has emerged.  

I am a graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design.  Where I had the opportunity to learn film and digital photography and where I fell head over heels for medium-format film photography.  I am almost exclusively digital now, though the dreaminess of the medium format aesthetic is still there, and I still like to incorporate a roll of film into my weddings today.   After college, I worked with various facets of photography, from film set photography to fashion, architecture, travel, and weddings.  

A few years lat
er,  I began traveling and working while photographing weddings.  I worked for the national park service as a preservationist, an economic downtown development agency designing a park system, a bartender in Scotland, an underwater videographer in Maui, and first mate on sailboats in the Virgin Islands, to name a few.  It was a blast!   I am so thankful for all the skills and connections I made.  
hrough my travels, I met my husband on my first day living on a little island in the Caribbean, and now we have a fantastic child and two pups who love to explore as much as we do.  When I am not photographing, I homeschool my son and spend time with my family.  We love the outdoors and exploring our world through art, books, and adventures. 





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