Nicole Stutts Morehead

After years of traveling and exploring, working with many different people on many jobs: sailor, underwater videographer, tour guide, server, National Park Preservationist and photographer of course :)  I have settled in the Olympic Peninsula and am happily available for local and Destination Weddings. 


I have been photographing professionally for 12 years following my graduation from the Savannah College of Art and Design.  I am a new wife and mother so every day is different and giving me a new perspective on this beautiful life.  


Because of this ever shifting existence; I became a photographer to share my thoughts and Ideas with the world through visual communication.  It's not just about seeing but about feeling.  


My hope is to put you in my footsteps, to share this love I have for life.


Gaze on my friends, feel the breeze as it moves through the trees, observe the car making it's way down the windy island road, feel small alongside the continous ocean and the cumulus clouds.  Feel the peace as you take it all in, and realize your place in the world is exactly where you stand.  


contact :  360-223-3690